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Every six weeks or so we like to get together and show you how professional Stress Under Control Solutions works...

Live Strategy Session come Webinar come Class come Meeting Room .... well you know...

This is one of those Zoom things where we show you how to utilise your MindSTYLE Strength and Stress Test results to control and harness your Professional and Personal Stress and move on.

We’ll show you the Explore – Evolve – Consolidate strategy we use with our MasterMind Group, VIP 1on1 and CEO MindSPA clients.

We’ll show you how to turn shelf development into self development using your onboard innate talent, traits and tendencies, and…

We’ll be taking you through Hypnotic Symbolism – a solution that is ingenious, insightful, remarkably effective and refreshingly simple.

And as much as possible we will be making it fun and utilising the Dopamine Factor.

Arrive early to be chosen for a POSSIBLE personal MINI – MindSTYLE EXPLORATION 1 on 1, that happens in front of the class so don’t be just in your underwear, and be wearing earphones. 

Note these classes are recorded BUT there will be NO REPLAY!

And of course we’ll be inviting you to move on with us and we’ll be showing you how that happens, any and all invitations, offers, deals, promises or otherwise will be exclusive to this class only.


Note these sessions are recorded entirely for our company discretion use.


Any and all invitations, offers or otherwise will be exclusive to this class only.

In-class requires you to be on video and/or sound only with no external distractions and all attendees will be able to watch and hear events. This is as far as possible content free so no personal matters other than your MindSTYLE Results need to be discussed.

We Are Professional Stress Under Control Solutions #sucs

And we help Professionals avoid midlife BURNOUT, harness and control stress

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