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“In front of many great Woman, there’s a Man who she let’s think it was his idea!” JonC

Let’s face it life is a series of opportunities you miss or you take, and as our midlife adventure was just starting, training and teaching felt a great thing to do.

Nineteen years ago after meeting, our initial, “Let’s do something real and exciting together,” tryst, didn’t include a business, but nevertheless Jane Bregazzi and I, incorporated the Academy of Hypnotic Arts training company in 2004.

With a purpose to simplify and refine the Art of Hypnosis, we decided to not do therapy, now Subskills Training ltd, we do, dream and ambition achievement as Midlife Professional Performance and Stress specialists. 

And over the years we’ve published a few best selling [amazon] Books, Videos and Audio, on everything from how-to-hypnotise, through to influencing people using Subconscious Skills and How to Harness and control Stress

We’ve exhibited at, and spoken on stage, in most of the UK’s major event venues, and we’re grateful to have been lucky enough to have trained and coached people from every inhabited continent on the planet, and 1.4 million at the current count via video on YouTube and Vimeo.

Dangerous Success

Over nearly two decades we grew ever more successful and were well into a 6 figure income frame and were enjoying World Renown in the field of Hypnosis.

With such a large number of students, (not huge, but big enough) came the stresses and strains of keeping up the quality, ethics and value for money the training profession demands, and the stress had begun to build, Uncontrolled and really unnoticed.

Eventually it became overwhelming because we weren’t prepared for the way Professional Stress Burnout can sneak up on even the experts…

What Jonathan Chase the Hypnotist –  burnt out?

You have to be joking right?

We’re talking the inspiring bloke in the wheelchair who survived a massive heart attack and quadruple bypass surgery at 48… must be made of iron…

Cooking the Frog fable. Place the frog into a tepid pan of water. Slowly turn the heat up and the frog will boil to death before it notices it’s even hot!  JonC

Fact is, without bragging, we are exemplary freelancers in our comfort zone, working project to project, client to client, and as the training became more of a big scale business, we started experiencing  what our marketing mentor at the time, Alex Mandossian, called “Dangerous Success”

That’s when the heat’s turning up but you don’t even notice it…

“Croak Croak”

Our totally unprepared subconscious was like a nine year old with a pile of cash!

Kicking the Bucket!

2013 was a horribly great year.

I was honoured with an invitation to the first ever Hypnothoughts Live Convention in the USA where I would sit on the International Panel of Experts, give several talks and classes, and get to meet some of my peers.

Seeing an opportunity to kick, sorry, tick an item from my bucket list I suggested there should be stage ‘demonstrations’, and, after lots of phone calls with the organisers, I was honoured with performing the inaugural show at the Orleans Hotel & Casino Showroom…

It was an amazing event with loads of people following me and telling me they were there to see and listen to me speak and watch me performing Street Hypnosis… with success and fame however comes responsibility to persistently perform.

That brings the professional stress we call ‘Top of the Tree Tension’, and although Jane tells me she thinks I’m one of the most knowledgeable mind experts and hypnotic teachers you’ll ever meet outside of a Psychology PhD Professorship, even a brain surgeon can get a migraine.

We came back from Vegas and apart from a few segue projects like writing the only Hypnotic Play ever to be funded by the Arts Council, and taking that to the Edinburgh  Fringe; working with Professional Footballers from West Bromwich Albion the season they reached their highest position 10th in the Premiership…

Which I found very stressful as a lifelong Wolves supporter!

We were functioning but not getting any real reward.

So we applied the strategy a lot of Burnout sufferers do …

WE stopped.

Re-Start and Re-Focus

Professional Stress pretty much stops when you do, but it took ages to realise the real reason for not wanting to do more was Professional Burnout.

At the time it was easy to blame my slowly progressing CMT Muscular Dystrophy and heart condition.

But it was the big bad Burnout stopping our Momentum, stifling our Intention, shunning our Nature and shuttering our Directive influence.

And being creative I blamed all sorts of things, and people, for feeling as if I’d run over a cliff. Everything from market saturation to flat tyres making my wheelchair have a limp.

Jane’s  publishing sideline for some of our students and clients, was still doing okay, and it was through that we met, worked with, and published David Ralph’s ‘Podcasters Mastery’, who’s business motivational podcast Join Up Dots, is one of  the most downloaded on the planet.

“Harnessed stress becomes excitement and that drives energy and the Dopamine factor.” JonC

And it was as David was authentically sharing his story of stress fuelled gout, that I realised what the real reason was for our own ‘doing-stuff-but-not-enjoying-life’ predicament.


We’d slipped into the discomfort zone!

That’s where everything works but the profit from the passion is only ever 50%

Fortunately we both have a reluctance to retire and have a degree of resilience, so we  applied everything we’d been developing to teach others, to ourselves!

It isn’t the easiest thing to re-start but, because we’ve got enough drive and desire to help as many people as possible avoid what happened to us, especially in the high pressure world of the Professional, regardless of the industry, we’ve got here!

Now we’re applying our much applauded MindSTYLE psychometric testing and rapid relief and recuperation approaches to help you Harness the stress you can affect, and to Control rather than manage, the stress you can’t.

Use the MindSTYLE Stress and Strength app here… and we’ll see you soon.

Thanks for being with us.

Jane & Jonathan