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Your MindSTYLE app Score explained…

Stress is conflict between the logical, grown up and serious conscious, intellect or brain, and the emotional, childlike and playful subconscious, imagination or mind.

The way we make our world work gives us behaviours to do that, that we may not be wired for.

We call those our ‘Could-do’.

We were shown, told and taught how to do something, found we could do it, and so we do it.

Inside ourselves though, we were born with the tendency to behave in a way that fits us.

We call those our ‘Should-do’.

That’s what we do naturally without reason or direct thought.

In the society we’ve created it’s often a fact that we have to choose the Could-do over the Should-do and that causes conflict.

When we know what our Could-do and Should-do are, we get a good picture of when our stress happens.

That gives us the extra choice of making that exciting and exhilarating and Harness the stress, or we can choose to Control, to get through it and recuperate or better avoid it.

We use our MindSTYLE application to discover our nature.


Quick note about how we work out your MindStyle situation.

When we first started in business we hired a business coach.

They used a personality profiling test, which did feel like a test, and which felt too conscious, too interpretive and too judgemental.

Obviously with nine pages of questions it got to an overall picture of who we were when we were doing business and task based leisure activity.

It missed entirely who we are subconsciously, who we are all of the time even when watching TV or making a cup of tea.

It didn’t feel good, felt like we could lose, and wasn’t intuitive enough, so we came up with our own.

This is called psychometrics or the scientific classification of behavioural traits, and dates back to Charles Darwin and Sir Francis Galton, which is enough for you to spend a happy hour in Wikipedia.

Obviously ten questions isn’t a lot, it is however enough to give us a good pointer towards your innate tendencies and tastes.

Collectively we can call these your talents or traits.

Trait theory relies on the observation that at least some of your personality is hard wired genetically, and that how you do what you do is going to be ‘stable’ your whole life.

We call these your Mind STYLE which is a handy acronym to remember what this is for, Subconscious Talents You Leverage Easily.

We’ve characterised those Styles down to five. Observer, Evaluator, Predictor, Creator and Performer.

Many people’s ‘score’ will be predominantly a single Style or character, you can think about it as your predominant personality strength.

The numbers don’t mean a lot individually, think of them as a percentage indicator.

When you look at your numbers the higher the more you’re wired to go that way, the lower the least likely.

Your highest numbers show the characteristics you’re most likely to follow, get excited about and enjoy.

Middle numbers show the behaviours that influence you to a greater or lesser degree and the closer they are to your highest numbers the more likely that will happen.

Your lowest numbers show you are unlikely to naturally behave that way. You can do it of course, yet almost certainly you won’t enjoy it or be particularly good at it.

Numbers of course can make things cloudy as well as clear.

Some people have a top count of two matching Styles. We’ve put those together as you’re a definite mix of the two, giving us fifteen major Styles altogether.

Some of you have a more equal spread of three or more the same.

You’ve just got more choices and we’ve designated your strongest Style as Observer because that’s where we start.

So there’s no best, worst, won or lost. Just an easy to make comparison.

As far as Stress is concerned you’re always going to experience stress when you’re having to do those behaviours around your lowest numbers.

We’re here to help you make the most of your Momentum Intention Nature and Direction, thank you for trusting us and we’d like to help more…


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