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Subconscious Skills Success without Stress training

Online ‘Installation’ Training for your
Momentum Influence Nature Direction
LIVE with Jonathan Chase and Jane Bregazzi

New Group Training Begins 9:30 am BST [GMT/UTC +1] Friday 1st November 2019 Earlybird available NOW! - Limited places



Your 30 day Exploration, Evolution and Consolidation brain training. Designed to get you going and motivate your Momentum, increase your Intent, clarify your Nature and focus your Direction. Gifts you more Profit, more Pleasure, more Presence.

It’s often easy to dismiss online training as being something you’ll take but never put into practice. 

This training however is as personal as you want to make it. We want you to succeed in your relationships with others whether that’s business or personal. Understanding where you’re getting stressed and then moving away from that so that your performance and productivity increases, or your relationships become more fulfilling, is our aim.

Our simple effective strategies can make your learning and understanding as easy as child’s play.

For nearly 20 years our strategy has helped people get unstuck and unstressed.

LIVE MASTER M.I.N.D. live online:

30 day training. 

Group practice.

30 days free access support via a private Signal app group – all you need is a mobile number.

You will gain:

  • Supercharged Self Awareness
  • Stress Harnessing Strategies
  • Burnout Banishing Core Rapport
  • Leadership Listening Skills
  • Powerful Performance Techniques
  • Subconscious Skills Success
  • More Profit from your Endeavours
  • More Pleasure from your Adventures
  • More Presence in the lives and games of your People

1 full Year access to the Subconscious Skills online video/audio training room worth £997

Monthly Video Q&A sessions access following the training via Zoom and added to the SubSkills Training room.

[ Includes 12 months Professional Certified Licensing for the MindSTYLE evaluation for use in your own work, company or organisation. ]

Will you avoid or recover from Professional Burnout from Stress?

Leaders, Executives, Consultants and Experts, it’s midlife most self driven professional people have their most success, and often their most stress. 

In sports and media where the young get success, Midlife is that time when the pressure is to transition into coaching, training or mentoring, start something new or sidestep to maintain momentum.  

Professionals spend time and thousands on training, coaching, courses and learning; to give your family a better life, to enjoy your work more and let’s face it, to bring more cash to the table….

Unlike the amateur you can’t just walk away from a lot of your Performance Pressure and Top of the Tree Tension…

This can often make you feel Isolated, Disorganised, Responsible, overly Regulated, Decision Fatigued.

You feel that you’ve lost momentum.

But we don’t think you are sick, so we don’t do therapy. 

What we do is help you strategise and simplify your stress control to utilise the Dopamine factor.

You should use a three stage strategy…


Take a look at yourself and lose your baggage faster than a cheap airline with practical and fast techniques


Now you can see the wood, let's see where it can go, grow and evolve with strategies and simple systems


Install inspirational influence skills to sustain resilience and create success without stress for those around you

You get much more than just Stress Control on your MasterMIND training

What You Will Learn

Taught [Installed] by Jonathan Chase and co facilitated by Jane Bregazzi

Master MIND Syllabus?

The Master MIND Training takes place online every Friday for four weeks between 09:30 – 11:30 am UK Time and again at 4pm to 6PM. on the same day. 

Although both classes cover the same module in essence, of course every experience has its subtle differences, and as we know, repetition works, so attending one or both live, or at least one live and watching the recording of the other will maximise your information intake. 


Your Learning Experience objectives:

During this “installation”, you are taught with a combination of all the most useful elements of NLP, Hypnosis, Mentalism and Mind STYLE we’ve eclectically gathered and field, rather than podium ‘tested’.

Then you’re shown how to apply them yourself with skill and style. The course includes helping yourself and the other attendees to lose baggage more easily than a cheap airline, and to gain the greater confidence that comes from hands-on practice.

Our STYLE is different:

We believe in K.I.S.S. 

Keeping It Simply Subconscious we won’t cloud understanding and intake behind spurious and unprovable pseudo-science. Using START, Subconscious Techniques Achieving Results Today, and MindSTYLE, Subconscious Traits You Leverage Easily, as the bedrock of all our work for and with you, we aim for Fast, Fun and Effective experiences.

We like acronyms.

By the end of the learning experience you will be able to apply the new knowledge and skills you have acquired as a Certified MindSTYLE Licensee, to utilise human resources in your lifestyle and whatever field of endeavour or adventure you are in; whether that be, Consulting, Networking, Negotiating, Selling, Speaking, Training, or all of them as a Leader. . .

Not short term:

“Short term training over just a few days is a rip-off.” We’ve heard this often, and while an intensive installation can embed enough knowledge, there’s no doubt that a longer term access to resources, and your original trainers, mentoring you to progress and achieve, and your peers sharing their experience is vital. 

So we are providing a subscription only network optimised for your mobile devices. Not a Facebook or LinkedIn group where you become advertising fodder. Run on the SIGNAL messenger  platform with very few ‘features’ just simply ask question and get simple answers usually within hours. The only people here are your trainers and peers. You get the first 12 months included with your training, and pay a small subscription after that.



We use the methods we teach in our teaching.

What’s the Easiest way to learn how to do anything? By Osmosis, Watch then copy, it’s called experience and it’s how you learned to walk and talk. It’s as if it gets installed. We’ll give you summary sheets so you don’t need to make notes unless you want to.

And we’ll give you video and audio recordings you can just play in the background while you’re doing other things to allow your brain to subliminally soak up the content.

Module 1: Gain your MOMENTUM

Target:  Harness Your Stress – boot Baggage
Content: (Move It – Subconscious – Chinosis )

Stress First Aid
Move It game – for when there isn’t time to think…

The Subconscious 9 year old
Model to better understand and utilise the relationship between Brain, Mind and Cognitive Organs. Couéisms and easy stress conflict resolution.

Chinosis; Meridian manipulation and Neuro-Symbolism: 
Change habitual thinking and states; create new directions. Totally content and diagnosis free, drop your baggage and supercharge success.

Module 2: Build your INTENT

Target: Get Commanding Confidence
Content: (Fait accompli and Core Profiling)

Disregarding The Unpredictable
A method to identify subconsciously congruent outcomes and find the Génie in the lamp.

Fait Accompli – Fortune Telling 
The Secret of True Intent is the confidence that comes from the lack of doubt. Knowing the future leaves others with no option but to accept it.

Perfect Place and HAL
GroundHog day your future dreams, and manifest a magnificent memory with Hypnotically Accelerated Learning – possibly the worlds simplest content free mnemonic system.

Module 3: Discover your NATURE

Target: Profit From Your Talent
Content: (Mind STYLE and ComfortZones )

Comfort Zone Principles
Using Excitement not Fear or Stress to gain success inside your natural comfort zone, your internal GPS.

Mind STYLE success Cycle
Subconsciously Hardwired Behavioural patterns dictate HOW we do what we do. 

The Mind STYLE psychometric evaluation is the only one of its kind designed to focus entirely on the Subconscious Talents You leverage Easily. A tool to help you discover your Should Do tasks rather than your Could do tasks and to apply that to relationship understanding at all levels of your teams, friends and customers.

Includes the full MindSTYLEist Manual, Professional tutorial and support group access worth £450 a year, and if you need it Certification and CPD, as a Licenced MindSTYLEist allowing you 12 months access to the pro online evaluation application.

Module 4: Use Spielberg like DIRECTION

Target: Influence People.
Contents: (Parrot Rapport and Anchoring) 

Games and Experiments 
Levelling the Playing Field by engaging yours and their Subconscious states and moods utilising their stories and Momentous Moment patterns.

Giving People Gaming, a simple approach to instant engagement at the deepest level.

Parrot Rapport and the Big Question Mark
Learn to Listen then LEAD Like A Leader! Powerful process that, when used with subtlety and artistry, can give you opportunity to help the happy happen in almost everyone.

Anchors and Attachments
Silent suggestions and motivators, introduces the spacial neurology of gestures and expressions.


Module 5: (BONUS) Mentalism Mastery

Target: Supercharged Charisma
Contents: (Super Suggestion and Mind Reading)

Cheating for the Good – Ice breakers and Fascinators
Dual Realities and the Magical Mojo of the Mentalist can create a pragmatically useful and enjoyable outcome, manipulation becoming benign psychological direction.

Telling the Best Stories
Humans are Buckets of Beliefs, Behaviours, Experiences, and Memories, using what’s there is easier than creating new paradigms or metaphors.

Super Suggestions (Advanced Hypnotism)
Absolute Truths help to create the ultimate hypnotic condition achieving without trance responses.

Live Online Program
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