“Have you lost or misplaced the mojo and drive you had for the job?
Has the excitement gone or hard to find?” 

EXPLORE How we can help

The Exploration Call is a personal one off session and we only consult this way a few times a month… it’s also how all of our MasterMIND and Mentoring packages start.  

Hey there! 

It’s Jane and Jon…  your Midlife Professional Performance and Stress specialists.

Have you lost or misplaced the mojo and drive you had for the job? Has the excitement gone or hard to find? 

We all can remember the best day we had, would you like to have the knowing that the best day from your past would be the normal day in your future?

Congratulations for getting here! We’re excited that you’re at a stage where your midlife is more about momentum and meaning than surviving or just passing time.

And now you’ve decided to be excited rather than stressed – let’s see where we can go. 🙂

Jane Bregazzi and Jonathan Chase professional stress

Do you want an insight into your nature?

After using the App and reading the Mindstyle book, we’ll send you a copy with your call confirmation, people have said,
“What an insight I’ve had into myself!”.

Why Do You Repeat Behaviours That You Feel Are Negative?

In your exploration call, we’ll dive deeper into your mind style and characteristics which you’ve wrongly labelled as negatives. 

In fact they’re fuelling your makeup and we’ll explain why you do certain things and how to use that to your advantage.

The Way You’ve Always Started?

To give you one example, every time you’ve embarked on a new project, have you tried to force yourself to take action immediately, dive in boots and all, as so many personal development teachers tell you to? 

Great if you’ve got a strong Performer trait, but if you’re not you’ll have done that so many times, screwed up and, had to start all over again.

Is beating yourself up causing Stress?

Bet you’ve given yourself a hard time over those screw ups? Truth is there’s more than one way to be successful. 

After discovering what your primary Mindstyle is, and your natural approach, well that’s worth its weight in gold because You will Know how You should start and that’s stress free.

Your Exploration Call Advantage?

Let us show you how to work with your Mindstyle, use it to your advantage and how to develop it even further. 

Plus we’ll go deeper into the secondary mind styles and show you how they influence your primary mind styles and how you can work with that productively. You’re a mix of all five traits and talents.

A Really Productive Experience?

It’s been said people have never experienced a personal development approach like this before, and that this has been a really productive experience in so many areas. 

We may not know you yet, but when we do we will help you get more profit from your endeavours, more pleasure from your adventures and give you skills to influence and enhance the people around you.

If you  haven’t completed the 10 Quick Questions MindSTYLE Stress and Strength app yet


We only consult on a few of these stand alone Exploration calls so get in quick!

We are really chuffed [happy] you’ve made this move and here’s to your success!

Can’t wait to see you!

Jane & Jonathan

Private Exploration Coaching Investment


+vat [UK + EU] 120mins approx This sum will be deducted when you choose to upgrade to a fuller programme.

[Not sure if an Exploration Call is right for you? Schedule a quick call with us here to figure it out].

Your details are very important to us and we promise to treat them with respect and take great care of the information you provide us. We will contact you by email or messaging but only in relation to your chosen service. The details you have supplied are an assurance that you are suitable for this programme and that you are a fit for us to work with and to give you maximum value. Any details can be refreshed or removed at your request. Zoom calls are recorded for training and reference purposes.