Jonathan Chase "Britain's Leading performance Hypnotist" brain trainer, with Jane Bregazzi, Book creator, publisher and life coach - present:

The BIG Event
Brain In Gear Training.

How to move from stuck stale stress, through a simple system strategy to subconscious skills success?

Hey, this is Jonathan Chase and this is a no frills simple sales letter.

Read it.

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So what is this BIG thing?

This is the best Brain In Gear training I’ve ever done in over 30 years of edutainment.

I’ve been called “Britain’s Leading Performance Hypnotist” Mail on Sunday, I’ve also been called, “Something of a Maverick,” “Outspoken,” “Opinionated,” “Genius,” and “the Gordon Ramsay of Hypnosis.” I like all of them.

I’ve been amazingly honoured to get a Command Performance Award from the CIU for fundraising shows back in ’91, had an Amazon best seller and 6 other books, and despite having had heart surgery and a hereditary neuro-muscular muscular dystrophy called Charcot Marie Tooth disease or C.M.T., I’ve been incredibly lucky to have appeared on stage  from London’s West End, to Las Vegas. And have spoken in every major UK event venue except the O2.

Something my coal mining Dad and hairdressing Mom would not be surprised at, having always told me I could talk a leg off a brass donkey!

And it would be a privilege if you allow me to tell you more about BIG…

Using exclusive and unique tools and techniques to make you better at Consulting, Networking, Negotiating, Selling, Speaking and Training as a leader, expert, professional.

I won’t pretend there isn’t a personal motive for me, I’m coming out of my burnout by helping you avoid yours.

Spend three days with me and I’ll install all you need to get more Presence, Pleasure and Profit.

Look, I’m not going to give you the rags to riches bull, I had a massive burnout after working my butt off getting what other people said was success…

It wasn’t a break down but it was so bad I literally almost stopped.

For years training hypnosis I was surrounded by therapist thinkers and no one knew.

So mine is a sort of riches to… oops, nearly rags tale.

No body spotted the symptoms – not even me at first…

That’s because stress is not sicknesses, it’s a conflict between your Conscious and Subconscious.

Between your Brain and Mind, your Intellect and your imagination…

It’s when you feel stuck, stymied, stale, and don’t have all the skills to keep you moving.

Therapy can help with the symptoms but that’s only a third of the job, and it’s the easiest part… you can lose baggage quicker than a cheap airline.

If you don’t evolve and have a strategy to continue, your momentum will grind to a halt again. You need a simple strategy, a plan.

If you don’t have practical, useable, fast fun and effective Subconscious skills to help the people around you get what they need, so that they give you what you want… your flame will only ever smoulder.

It’s true you won’t burnout if you never blaze, I’ve done both and burnout is bad, you lose momentum, friends, even family…

I didn’t talk to my eldest son and never saw my granddaughter for five years of her short seven so far on this planet.

But, you can regain momentum, you can focus your intent, you can understand your nature and you can learn to be in charge of life the way a director is in charge of a movie.

I’ll show you how.

Spend three days with me and I’ll give you a lifetime ticket to all of our hours of audio, video and written material worth £450 subscription.

I’ll give you three months follow up attention through live monthly questions and answer online sessions. I normally charge up to £3,000 for that level of learning.

I’ll give you the exact same Foundation Focus system, it’s just fill in the blanks, that we use with Jane Bregazzi’s book creation clients that gives you the exact plan for a book, speaking, workshops, retreats. Your brand your business everything is covered, we normally charge a minimum of £5,000 for that.

And I’ll give you access to, instruction in, and certification as a Licensee of the MindSTYLEapp psychometric profiling professional app for two years and worth over £1,000

That’s over £10,000 pounds worth of bonus with the vat!

I’ll show you skills, and refine your learning with loads of hands on practice, how to read and move people almost with a lift of an eyebrow.

I’ll show you how to avoid burnout and be resilient.

I’ll show you how to make friends with yourself.

I’ll even show you how to read minds as well. 

The next small number, seriously we max at fifteen but it’s usually five or six, you can’t teach properly over 15 or so, is very soon…..

Our training is a no-fuss no bull residential event. We’ll give you refreshments, meals, accommodation included, all you have to do is get there.

We’ll give you our attention from breakfast to bed, we don’t trot off home.

We will answer your questions as they arise, not at the end of the day when you’ve forgotten why you asked.

We’ll use the methods we show you to teach you and we’ll install the information subliminally so you’ll never have to remember it.

The skills we teach you are the skills will be using to teach you to get your brain in gear.

Our aim is to help you:

  • get More Profit from your endeavours

  • gain More Pleasure form your adventures

  • have More Presence with the people around you 

This truly could be your
B I G event.

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