We help you Harness and Control midlife Professional Stress so you can enjoy your rewards for longer.

We know we've been there

You often feel Isolated, Disorganised, Responsible, Regulated, Decision Fatigued?

So you cope… why not…..It seems easy?

However did you know over 73% of Top of the Tree Professionals lose the excitement for the job, find it hard to maintain or regain momentum,  misplace the Mojo and  well… BURNOUT… because of stress?

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We’re on a mission to stop that and show you how to Harness and Control your stress.

Here’s your chance to discover the secrets that bring the stunning results you want.

This is Stress Under Control Solutions at its best.

Now you can have help from;
Jonathan CHASE
"Britain's Leading Performance Hypnotist"
Mail on Sunday
and the SubSkills Training company owner
Jane Bregazzi

We’ve been there, Jon had a massive business and personal burnout not so long ago, and we had to apply the mindfulness methods we’ve  developed, honed and taught to thousands over the last 19 years.

We know, you’d think we’d have noticed… 

but even brain surgeons can get a migraine. 

Now we have honed and restructured our strategy and techniques to recover ourselves and can now help and teach others we care about, people like you.”
Jane & Jon

Jane Bregazzi and Jonathan Chase professional stress

If you’re a midlife Professional in a leadership, consultant or high performance position, and you want to maintain or regain your momentum and mojo…

We have a simple strategy and skills training to help you harness your Professional Stress and avoid the burnout we see so many suffer from. 

Harness stress and you’ll enjoy your rewards longer, get more profit from your endeavours, get more pleasure from your adventures and enhance the lives of people around you…

Use the app below.

Answer ten quick questions and in around three minutes we’ll supercharge your self awareness and show you your hard wired subconscious stress points and your natural strengths, and tell you how we can help you moving forward.

In business it’s midlife most self driven professional people have their most success, and often their most stress. 

In sports and media where the young get success, Midlife is that time when the pressure is to hold on to something, start something or sidestep to maintain momentum.  

Professionals spend time and thousands on training, coaching, courses and learning; to give your family a better life, to enjoy your work more and let’s face it, to bring more cash to the table….

Unlike the amateur you can’t just walk away from a lot of your Professional Pressure and Top of the Tree Tension…

But we don’t think you are sick, so we don’t do therapy. 

What we do is help you strategise and simplify your stress control to utilise the Dopamine factor.


Lack of self knowledge?

You have to know what is likely to bring the most stress, and the best strengths to use to control your hard-wired subconscious MindSTYLE

handling the pressure

'Handling the pressure'?

Admitting to being stressed is for wimps isn't it? You thrive on the pressure and stress... don't you? You need to Harness and Control not cope

Nobody to talk to?

Leadership Loneliness of the Professional is best not talked about. The tribe can't know can they? You need a neutral non-agenda network.



Take a look at yourself and lose your baggage faster than a cheap airline with Subconscious Talents and Traits You Leverage Easily


Now you can see the wood, let's see where it can go, grow and evolve. The trick is to recognise Top of the Tree Tension and FOCUS

Harness and Control stress #sucs


Maintain and Regain Momentum as we Install your Subconscious Skills Techniques Achieving Rewards Today to Harness and Control stress


your MindSTYLE Strength and Stress application results will supercharge your Self Awareness!

Our psychometric MindSTYLE strength and stress web application has been developed through observation of tens of thousands of subconscious minds, refined by a team of developers drawn from business, media, sports and hypnosis.

Now in around 3 minutes you’ll discover if you are…
“Keep it Simple Stupid” Observer,
a “Devil’s in the Detail” Evaluator,
a “Be Careful Out There” Predictor,
an “I Have a Dream” Creator,
a “Screw It Let’s Do It” Performer.


There are 10 Quick Questions in the App to discover your Subconscious Stress Points and MindSTYLE.

This is a FAST, FUN, FASCINATING experience. 

Just read each question and click on the answer that most appeals to you –
even if the event is not something you normally do.

Do this as fast as you can!
The faster you do this the more accurate and the more Subconscious your results will be.

You’ll get your basic Style instantly!

We Are Professional Stress Under Control Solutions #sucs

And we help Professionals avoid midlife BURNOUT, harness and control stress

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