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Now SubSkills Training are offering, for Midlife Professionals, the opportunity to join the programmes we’ve developed for top creatives, performers, business owners and consultants.

Jane Bregazzi and Jonathan Chase professional stress

Jane Bregazzi Life Coach

Jonathan Chase Hypnotist

 SubSkills Training ltd.

We understand what burnout involves having to keep our own business alive, and strategising how to revive from Jonathan’s own burnout, has meant restructuring and refining what we do for others and apply it ourselves.

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Helping you beat burnout from unavoidable professional stress, and power your personal success, so that you can enjoy your rewards for longer.

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Fast, fun, effective interventions, strategies and solutions proven to work with hundreds of people just like you - we don't do 'numbers'.


Over 30 years in the training and edutainment field. See 'Testimonials'.

We Are Professional Stress Under Control Solutions #sucs

And we help Professionals avoid midlife BURNOUT, harness and control stress
and power your performance so you enjoy your rewards for longer

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